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Who We AreThe who, what and why our company exists

Zaffer Corporation is a full-service technology, SmartREGISTER hardware and real-time reporting company who specializes in delivering overlooked solutions that save money, time and resources like our proprietary FeeCAP Solution
Legal in all 50-states, the Zaffer FeeCAP Solution typically gives businesses a 3-5% boost in total profit often for little or no upfront cost with a variety of implementation options
Unlike other solutions, our FeeCAP Solution is the first Fee Schedule Credit Card processing software with full API integration that effortlessly integrates into any digital shopping cart, online purchasing solution or digital application
FeeCAP is one of multiple solutions and part of Hybrid’s Intellectual Property Rights. Other solutions include: ICR Real-Time Sync™ Software and Real-Time Reporting Systems, Advertising for the CPG, Aviation and Hospitality industries and data analytical services.

Meet the Team

Jeff Moskowitz

Jeff Moskowitz

Company Sensei

Focused on finding specialty needs for technology in business, Jeff started Hybrid Business Services in 2015

Unparalleled with his ability to identify industry needs, designing a solution and in some cases, make new markets based on those solutions. His fiscal sensitivity is a highly sought-after trait and fitting for a full-service technology he created.

Jeff studied at Machon Lev (Jerusalem College of Technology) in Jerusalem for his Masters in International Marketing and Management with a focus on Technology. After receiving his degree, Jeff moved to Phoenix, AZ to head student recruitment, programming, and activities for the non-profit Jewish Arizonans on Campus at both Arizona State University and University of Arizona.

While focused on his non-profit work Jeff opened a processing ISO and sold processing for Vantiv and Pace Payments. In 2012 Jeff left the non-profit world to join DSMART, an innovative POS startup. In his role as EVP of Business Development, Jeff helped increase sales and infrastructure and expanded the DSMART beta footprint across NYC.

Kristopher Torres

Kristopher Torres

Company Concierge

Chief Sales Operations Officer, Team Player, Sales Support Expert and Lead Experience Officer. Kristopher joined Hybrid Business Services early 2017 bringing energy and passion to the team.
Currently handling new agent recruitment, contract and enrollment of referral agents, joint venture partners and merchants, interacting with both sales and operations. Equipment contacting, merchant processing and specially program implementation are all handled with Mr Torres
Kristopher spent five years in the Action Sports Industry and four years as the Operations Director of a leading oil lubrication company before heading up Hybrid online and social media quality control initiatives.

Ashish Shrestha

Ashish Shrestha

Head of Customer Support

Stuart G Graves

Stuart G Graves

Company Rainmaker

Since 2015, Stuart brings clients, money, business and even the intangible prestige based on associations and contacts.

Oldest grandson of Hope Colgate Jerome, Mr. Graves is a distinguished and successful executive and start-up entrepreneur for some of today’s most successful companies. His internet company,, was sold in 1999.

After graduating Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a pilot and Aerospace Engineer, Mr. Graves started his career in corporate America with United Parcel Service as a Regional Customer Service and Logistics Engineer responsible for the planning of a $396 million-dollar, multi-state operation in the late 80’s.

Prior to his internet company, Mr Graves was the Director of Operations for New Vision International responsible for 400 employees and over $587 million in yearly sales. After his internet company, Mr Graves successfully started, blended and sold his nutraceutical company, Pure Health, into an extremely powerful and effective brand, operating under a different name today, with revenues in excess of $1.6 billion.

Samuel Banks

Samuel Banks

Company All-Star

Sales Leader, Strategic Planner, and Visionary. Sam joined the team in 2017 leading sales initiatives in the Airport, Hotel and Hospitality industries. He has an excellent mind for Strategic Planning, owner in ReachME.TV and is considered one of today’s great Visionary thinkers.

Prior to co-founding Reachme.TV Mr. Banks owned and operated VANUS Consulting a firm specializing in helping to develop business and synergistic opportunities in the airport, military and international markets. His firm developed public private partnerships government agencies where commercial interests integrate with government objectives. With his varied background in working with airport concessionaires, franchise restaurants like Arby’s, government relationships, advertising background he brings value to clients and partners alike.

Mr. Banks has more than 18 years of Information Technology experience for firms such as Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Dell, Restaurant Technologies Incorporated, and InstallShield in the areas of logistics planning, sales development, project development, joint venture structuring, strategic planning, quality assurance/quality Improvement, and enterprise deployment planning and execution

Liam Unger

Liam Unger

Head of Quality Assurance Testing, Servers and Technical Support

Jeffery Gaal

Jeffery Gaal

Company Quarterback

Jeffery started with Hybrid in 2017. The past 16 years Mr. Gaal has successfully worked in the fields of quantum physics and energy medicine for both sports medicine and kinesiology.

Having success in both corporate and field experience in social marketing, network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing and franchising Mr. Gaal provides a unique perspective to Hybrid.

Unlike most successful marketers, Mr. Gaal has been involved in technology related fields from the beginning of his career. After acquiring a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Electronics Engineering, Mr. Gaal began designing circuit boards and chips. Not long thereafter, he switched from creating computer segments to selling computers. By 1988, he had already secured his first position as director of sales with Pacific Numerix Inc. In 1991, he became Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PowerPoint Communications, where be began to acquire a keen awareness of how creative collateral (logos, brochures, direct mail, print and electronic advertising) and multi-media tools could maximize sales results.

Mark Moskowitz

Mark Moskowitz

Company Gate Keeper

Our company mascot, prior to working side-by side with his brother Jeff when Hybrid Business Services started. Mark received a degree in Management/Marketing from Lander College in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Like Jeff, Mark started his career as a merchant services ISO selling processing with Vantiv and Pace Payments. Mark also spent three years with Dsmart, like Jeff, building their account management and fulfillment departments.

In his last year with Dsmart, Mark moved into a VP role where he worked to ensure seamlessness in the overall operations of the business. Mark received degree in Management/Marketing from Lander College

Keyur Desai

Keyur Desai

Database Administrator, Database support

Joel Gold

Joel Gold

Zaffer Advior

Mr. Gold has had a long and impressive career spanning over 45 years in investment banking. He served most recently as Director of Investment Banking at Buckman, Buckman and Reid, an investment banking firm headquartered in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Prior to that, Mr Gold served as Director of Investment Banking for Andrew Garrett, a New York based investment banking firm. He served as Executive Vice President of Solid Capital Markets, Senior Managing Director, Interbank Capital Group, Executive Vice President of LT Lawrence & Co., Managing Director Fechtor Detwiler & Co., and Managing Director of Furman Selz.

In 1990, he joined Bear Stearns as Managing Director. Prior to joining Bear Stearns, Mr. Gold spent twenty years with Drexel Burnham Lambert.
Beyond an advisory role with Hybrid, Mr. Gold serves on the board of Food Innovations, a specialty food company. Mr Goals is also the President and Founder of Just One Life, a charitable organization that assists women with difficult childbirth conditions.

Shawn Sandoval

Shawn Sandoval

Communication Coordinator

Consulting CFO for Hybrid Business Services, Track Star and Mt. Whitney mountain climber.

Shawn joined Hybrid in 2017 with 18+ years of Senior and Associate Wealth Advisor experience, Director of Financial Planning for Cooper McManus OSJ, Operations and Marketing Consultant for BPA Wealth Management, and Branch Development Consultant for American Express Financial Advisors.

Mr Sandoval extensive background in seminar, direct mail, radio, and email marketing. Product experience includes managed money, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, variable and fixed indexed annuities, planning fees and insurance.
Mr Sandoval has proven to be a skilled CFO with additional skills and licenses not commonly found by CFO’s. He teams oriented and collaborative professional with an entrepreneurial spirit.

More About Us

Our Culture

Ego is one of most peoples strongest emotions and often it’s use to make decisions. Our philosophy is based on “Checking egos at the door ensures that the quality of an idea, not a person’s rank, always wins”.

Within our company, the Zaffer team has removed all hierarchical titles in favor of more functional titles. Zaffer executives and staff have functional titles not Corporate titles, creating a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. The result; the best idea, not the best title wins.

People just want their problems solved, titles don’t solve problems but talented people do. Zaffer knows that you will be more impressed to be working with the people who are doing the work, no matter what their title.

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Pays Love Forward#PaysLoveForward: Zaffer is committed to sharing 10% of its profits to a local or regional charity of choice

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